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Etui-Linie Kunstseide Rüschen Schulterfrei Ärmellos Sweep/Pinsel Zug Brautjungfernkleider

Marktpreis: 235,00 CHF

Verkaufspreis: 98,70 CHF

(58% AUS)

* Pflichtangaben

Anfertigungszeit: 25-28 Tage Whether you choose a standard size or custom measurements, our tailors craft each dress to order. Versandsdauer: 5-12 Tage Your dress will be finished tailoring in around 25-28 Tage days. Then we will ship it out via UPS / DHL / TNT/Fedex.

Dieses Kleid wird nach der Bestellung angefertigt. Ob Sie die Standardgröße oder benutzerdefinierte Maße wählen, wird jedes Kleid von unseren Schneidern exklusiv für Sie angefertigt.

Die früheste Ankunft ist 23/02/2022(Tag/Monat/Jahr) wenn Bestellung heute.

Etui-Linie Kunstseide Rüschen Schulterfrei Ärmellos Sweep/Pinsel Zug Brautjungfernkleider

  • Sheath/Column Silk like Satin Ruched Off-the-Shoulder Sleeveless Sweep/Brush Train Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Sheath/Column Silk like Satin Ruched Off-the-Shoulder Sleeveless Sweep/Brush Train Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Sheath/Column Silk like Satin Ruched Off-the-Shoulder Sleeveless Sweep/Brush Train Bridesmaid Dresses
Weitere Informationen
Jahreszeit Frühling,Sommer,Herbst,Winter
Stoff Kunstseide
Kragentyp Schulterfrei
Schattenbild Etui-Linie/Spalte
Ärmellänge Ärmellos
Verschönerung Rüschen
Tailleumfang Natürlich
Saum/Zug Sweep/Pinsel zug
Farbe zeigen Orange
Paketgewicht 1500.0000


  1. A-Linie/Princess-Stil U-Ausschnitt Ärmellos Chiffon Kristall Bodenlang Kleider

    Marktpreis: 563,06 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 148,52 CHF

  2. A-Linie/Princess-Stil U-Ausschnitt Ärmellos Sweep/Pinsel Zug Applikation Chiffon Kleider

    Marktpreis: 528,28 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 129,72 CHF

  3. A-Linie/Princess-Linie 3/4 Ärmel Schulterfrei Tüll Schärpen/Bänder/Gürtel Sweep/Pinsel zug Kleider

    Marktpreis: 576,22 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 130,66 CHF

  4. A-Linie/Princess-Stil U-Ausschnitt Ärmellos Applikation Bodenlang Chiffon Kleider

    Marktpreis: 571,52 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 131,60 CHF

  5. Meerjungfrau-Linie/Mermaid-Stil Carmen-Ausschnitt Ärmellos Spitze Perlenstickerei Sweep/Pinsel Zug Kleider

    Marktpreis: 654,24 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 132,54 CHF

  6. A-Linie/Princess-Linie Ärmellos Träger Bodenlang Rüschen Chiffon Kleider

    Marktpreis: 508,54 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 95,88 CHF

  1. A-Linie/Princess-Linie V-Ausschnitt Ärmellos Sweep/Pinsel zug Perlen verziert Tüll Kleider

    Marktpreis: 554,60 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 152,28 CHF

  2. Etui-Linie Schulterfrei Ärmellos Sweep/Pinsel zug Spitze Kunstseide Kleider

    Marktpreis: 573,40 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 126,90 CHF

  3. Duchesse-Linie Ärmellos Schulterfrei Applikationen Satin Bodenlang Kleider

    Marktpreis: 564,94 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 153,22 CHF

  4. A-Linie/Princess-Linie Ärmellos Schulterfrei Rüschen Satin Hof-schleppe Kleider

    Marktpreis: 547,08 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 127,84 CHF

  5. A-Linie/Princess-Stil Ärmellos Neckholder Perlenstickerei Sweep/Pinsel Zug Chiffon Kleider

    Marktpreis: 547,08 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 117,50 CHF

  6. Etui-Linie V-Ausschnitt Mit Paillette Hof-Schleppe Ärmellos Jersey Kleider

    Marktpreis: 615,70 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 158,86 CHF

  1. A-Linie/Princess-Stil Ärmellos Bateau-kragen Chiffon Mit Paillette Bodenlang Kleider

    Marktpreis: 551,78 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 136,30 CHF

  2. A-Linie/Princess-Stil Kurze Ärmel U-Ausschnitt Sweep/Pinsel zug Applikation Chiffon Kleider

    Marktpreis: 570,58 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 141,00 CHF

  3. A-Linie/Princess-Stil Ärmellos V-Ausschnitt Tülle Applikation Bodenlang Kleider

    Marktpreis: 529,22 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 155,10 CHF

  4. Duchesse-Linie Lange Ärmel Bateau-kragen Satin Bodenlang Kleider

    Marktpreis: 557,42 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 136,30 CHF

  5. A-Linie/Princess-Stil Bateau-kragen Lange Ärmel Spitze Chiffon Hof-Schleppe Kleider

    Marktpreis: 589,38 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 122,20 CHF

  6. A-Linie/Princess-Stil Ärmellos U-Ausschnitt Perlenstickerei Sweep/Pinsel Zug Chiffon Kleider

    Marktpreis: 564,94 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 140,06 CHF

  1. A-Linie/Princess-Stil Ärmellos Chiffon Spitze V-Ausschnitt Sweep/Pinsel Zug Kleider

    Marktpreis: 499,14 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 129,72 CHF

  2. A-Linie/Princess-Stil U-Ausschnitt Ärmellos Tülle Perlenstickerei Sweep/Pinsel Zug Kleider

    Marktpreis: 518,88 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 129,72 CHF

  3. A-Linie/Princess-Stil V-Ausschnitt Bodenlang Ärmellos Applikation Satin Kleider

    Marktpreis: 563,06 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 131,60 CHF

  4. A-Linie/Princess-Stil Herz-Ausschnitt Tülle Ärmellos Bodenlang Kleider

    Marktpreis: 639,20 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 122,20 CHF

  5. A-Linie/Princess-Linie Juwel-Ausschnitt Ärmellos Bodenlang Applikationen Tüll Kleider

    Marktpreis: 567,76 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 127,84 CHF

  6. A-Linie/Princess-Stil Ärmellos Stehkragen Tülle Perlenstickerei Bodenlang Kleider

    Marktpreis: 529,22 CHF

    Verkaufspreis: 152,28 CHF



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When I received the clothes, I liked them very much. They are beautiful and fit! And the price is cheap, the quality is similar to that of the big brands. Tt is worth having! The color I chose is dusty rose.




This is my picture. I like it so much that I have to post a few more. I hope I can give you a reference, true!




Wow. This dress is incredibly beautiful. The material is of good quality, thick and smooth. The slit on the skirt adds a nice touch. I am a little girl with very few breasts, so I am worried that this dress is not suitable for me, because it is difficult to find clothes that suit my body shape. It tightens the waist area, so I can pull the chest area down and make it tight enough to reduce slippage, but this is not my main concern. All in all, this is a well-made dress and I can’t wait to wear it to my friend’s wedding.




Sexy styles and bright colors are exactly what I want, the real thing is the same as the picture, the value is super value, the delivery speed and service attitude are great!




I love this dress, it has the perfect amount of flow. It really hugged my waist and accentuated my figure. The only problem I ran into was the top part. I had to be careful of flashing my side boob completely. The straps kept sliding down and I was scared for a strap to fall off completely. Other than that I absolutely loved it! In the future I am just going to get the dress alter for those minor issues. But I do recommend this dress, I got so many compliments !




I wore this dress to take engagement photos and fell in love with its beauty/comfort. I like the slits on the skirt to add some fashionable touch. I also like the fact that I don’t have to wear a bra. I ordered a medium size because I was worried that it would be long enough (I have 6 feet tall), but I thought I might choose a small size. I just secured the sides safely from the inside and it worked very well! My three bridesmaids are going to wear this dress at my wedding! highly recommended.




This dress is amazing! I checked every comment (because who would buy a dress online instead of doing it?) and finally pulled the trigger. This is the most beautiful and elegant dress I have. May buy other colors. Stop thinking and buy it! My waist is small, so the small size suits me well. It's a bit long, but it still looks great without changes.




Absolutely loved this dress it was SO hot the day we wore them but they were perfect. 4 different girls 4 different body types but it fit all of us. The make was great and sturdy. Loved the flowiness of the over lay. The color was beautiful. Us shorter girls had the straps taken up a bit and hemmed but absolutely loved it.




Absolutely like this dress? I usually wear normal clothes, somewhere between large and medium. So, I am not sure what size to buy. I finally got the medium, thank god I did it. The coat is a bit loose. If I buy this dress early, I will cut off the top strap. Other than that, it fits my excrement very well, the length is perfect, with two inches of healing.




Ordered the blush color in a small. I am 5'9 145lbs and 34D for reference. The dress touched the floor even in 4-inch heels. It was the perfect fit! Did not have to alter in any way. The waist area was the perfect amount of tightness to keep the girls up. However, I did use boob tape for support. Wore this dress as a guest to a wedding. Everyone complimented me!




the quality of the dress was otherwise amazing and a good fit.




I typically wearing a large in dress to accommodate my hips and large chest. The dress was very long. I am almost 5'8. I would need to wear heels or have it hemmed. The waist was perfect in the medium and there was plenty of chest room. Since the dress is flowy, the hip area was good. I would say if you are in between sizes, especially if you have a small under bust and waist compared to your hips, to go with the smaller size.




I wear this to a packaging party. I am a big fan of the blues, so I am very happy to see this color available. When you walk in this dress, its trajectory behind you is so beautiful; you feel very goddess. The material below is heavier than you think, so it does feel a little heavier, while the top layer flows very gracefully as you move. My only difference is that the chest is looser and the waist is tighter. So I will buy it based on your waistline instead of your bust, because you will have plenty of room for your chest. I don't have one, so anyway, this is a beautiful dress. :)




A very comfortable piece of clothing. Its simplicity makes it beautiful and elegant. Received a lot of compliments, red is very important. The price and its beauty are win-win. Use nude tape to adjust the breast area slightly to make it less spacious because I am small and I want to feel more fit to my body.




My daughter ordered this at the last minute for her sister's wedding last weekend... We only had two weeks to find a dress, and we were very nervous when ordering online because it might not fit. But when it arrived, she called me and was very excited about how she felt when she put it on... I have to say that she is absolutely beautiful in her. My photo has a filter, so this dress is a little softer than I thought, but it is a good example of what it looks like. Super excited about this purchase. She feels like a million dollars! !




The quality of this dress really surprised me. Because of the number of layers of the lining, it has a little weight, which is a good thing. I am very plump (36H). After I cut the skirt short, I don't need a bra because the skirt can hold the girls inside. If you are self-conscious, this is not your skirt about your body. As a 40-year-old, self-conscious woman, I can confidently wear this beautiful dress to show off my things. The slit is not so high that I feel like I am flashing people. In short, it is the winner.

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